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Technical Questions
Testing and Reporting

What if I want ongoing testing?

If you take advantage of our one year supply of additional testing cartridges (4 cartridges at our recommended usage of 1 per quarter), we can provide additional reports and consults to continue to help resolve your indoor allergen woes. Additional cartridges are available for purchase through our website.

How long should I run AirAnswers® for testing?

For AirAnswers® Allergen & Mold testing, keep the device plugged in for a period of 5 days (e.g start on Monday and end on Saturday). For AirAnswers® Mold testing, run the device for 24 hours.

Where should I place my AirAnswers® device for the best results?

To test for allergens and mold in the entire home, plug in the device in a centralized location and leave all interior doors to rooms open. To test a specific room, place the device in the room and close the room's door for the entire testing period.

Place the device on a table or piece of furniture, off of the floor. The unit should be placed where the airflow of the device is not covered by any nearby object. Good places for device placement: on a foyer table, dresser, nightstand, or on a desk.

Does AirAnswers® come with a warranty?

Yes, AirAnswers® comes with a limited warranty. The warranty period begins on the date you receive the AirAnswers® device from us and lasts for a period of 30 days. Complete information on this limited warranty is included in the Directions for Use that come packaged with the AirAnswers® device.

What is included with the AirAnswers® device?

The AirAnswers® device comes with an extension cord, a user manual, 4 cartridges in cartridge containers and 4 shipping envelopes for returning the cartridges to our laboratory.

An extended warranty is also available.

Is there a fee for testing?

Each cartridge sent in for testing will cost an additional fee.

How long will it take to get my results back?

For AirAnswers® Allergen & Mold testing, your lab results will be ready within 1 week. For AirAnswers® Mold testing, your lab results will be ready within 1 week.

If you selected the optional consultation, included with your AirAnswers®'s testing is a consultation with your own personal Care Advisor. Your Care Advisor will be available to discuss your results and provide recommendations based on your home's unique environment as part of the process to help resolve your indoor air allergens.

What can I expect with a personal consultation?

Once the lab is done comparing your environment's level with environmental levels across the U.S. via our certified laboratory analysis, your Care Advisor will email you with an invitation to schedule a 15-minute consultation call during a time that works best for you. During your scheduled call, they will ask you a few questions about your home environment so you can work together to identify how allergens or mold may be making their way into your home. They will discuss ways to remove the allergens or mold and provide recommendations for products or next steps if necessary. Your results and personalized recommendations will all be available in an easy to read data report that will be sent to you by email so everything is in one place.

How do I insert a cartridge in my AirAnswers® device?

Gently unsnap the small circular covering on the bottom of the device by pressing the release tab, exposing the cartridge insertion area. Locate one cartridge and gently open the cartridge packaging, exposing the cartridge handle. Grip the handle of the cartridge with your fingers. Do not touch the metal test strips located on the interior of the cartridge. Touching the test strips will compromise the lab testing results. Align the cartridge properly and insert it into the bottom of the device, making sure that all of the cartridge fits completely inside, except for the handle. Orientation should match the semi-circular recess in the bottom of the device. The handle will remain exposed when the cartridge is fully inserted. You should feel a slight snap sensation if properly inserted. Replace the circular covering on the bottom of the device, by snapping it back in place.

How do I start testing?

Plug in your AirAnswers® device. Upon activation, you will notice the light ring surrounding the bottom of the device will alternate between yellow and green and turn to solid green after a short period of time. If the cartridge is not inserted properly, the light will NOT turn solid green. The light ring will remain green for the entire period that the device is plugged in.


NOTE: Recheck cartridge insertion if the light ring stays yellow, if it continues to alternate between yellow and green or if the green light goes out during the testing period. Please contact us directly at if assistance is needed.

What happens when the lab receives my sample?

Once your AirAnswers® collection kit is received, lab tests are performed to determine the presence and quantity of allergens and mold. After testing, your results are analyzed and incorporated into a customized allergen profile of your home's air. Your results will be finalized and available within 1 week of the lab receiving the cartridge.

How to register test

Step 1: After purchasing and running an AirAnswers® test, navigate in the footer at the bottom of the website and click My account.

Step 2: From the My account page, click Register Test.

Step 3: Upon arriving at the options page, complete dialog and click Buy.

Step 4: Complete the test registration form and your payment.

Where should I dispose of my device if I no longer need it?

Our AirAnswers® device is designed to be used year after year so you can continue to monitor your home for allergens and mold as the air in your environment continues to change over time. However, if you decide that you want to dispose of your AirAnswers® device, we recommend you use the resource below to find a recycling center in your area that accepts electronics.